Seasonal Pests

Why You Need Summer Pest Control

In previous posts on our pest blog, we’ve discussed the common types of summer pests, how to prepare for them, and the do’s and don’ts of summer pest prevention. Today, our pest control experts want to share some knowledge about why you need summer pest control. Read on to learn more. The two most fundamental…

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Common Summer Pests & How to Manage Them

insect sitting on end of long grass on hot day

It’s insect season here in Alabama, where you’ll likely see all kinds of summer pests! To get your summer pest problems under control, it’s good to know which ones you’re dealing with. Keep reading to learn more about common summer pests, how to prevent and manage their presence around your home, and when to call…

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Tips to Beat the Heat & Pests in Summer

swarm of gnats on a hot summer day

You probably know that you sweat when spending time in the hot summer sun—it’s your body’s natural way of cooling you down! Unfortunately, we’re not the only ones who can benefit from our sweat—mosquitoes love it. Mosquitoes’ attraction to sweat often turns summer days of outdoor fun into several nights of trying not to scratch…

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Your Guide to Getting Ready for Summer Pests

summer pests

Summer is finally upon us here in the South, which means many things—no school, fun vacations, and plenty of time spent outdoors! Unfortunately, summer in the South comes with some uninvited guests. Keep reading for some tips from the experts on dealing with summer pests. Summer Pests to Look Out For It’s easy to assume…

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Seasonal Pest Control: Tips to Prepare for Spring

seasonal pest control

It’s hard to believe, but spring is almost here! That means you’ll start seeing more bugs around. Some of them will be returning from warmer climates, but a lot of them were in your home and yard all along. Those bugs that waited out the winter around your home will start to wake up, thaw…

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Late Winter Pests You Don’t Want as Dinner Guests

winter pests

You might see fewer pests during the winter months, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t around! There are some late winter pests you should be on the lookout for. Keep reading for more information! Common Winter Pests Where do pests go during the winter? While some of them migrate, many of them stay put and…

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How to Avoid Being Spooked by Pests During Fall

pests during fall

Contrary to popular belief, fall is a very active time for most pests! Preparing for winter puts a lot of tasks on their to-do lists. And while that might not spook you, this might: The number one thing on that to-do list is to find a way into your home! Keep reading for some helpful…

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