Seasonal Pests

Seasonal Pest Control: Tips to Prepare for Spring

seasonal pest control

It’s hard to believe, but spring is almost here! That means you’ll start seeing more bugs around. Some of them will be returning from warmer climates, but a lot of them were in your home and yard all along. Those bugs that waited out the winter around your home will start to wake up, thaw…

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Late Winter Pests You Don’t Want as Dinner Guests

winter pests

You might see fewer pests during the winter months, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t around! There are some late winter pests you should be on the lookout for. Keep reading for more information! Common Winter Pests Where do pests go during the winter? While some of them migrate, many of them stay put and…

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How to Avoid Being Spooked by Pests During Fall

pests during fall

Contrary to popular belief, fall is a very active time for most pests! Preparing for winter puts a lot of tasks on their to-do lists. And while that might not spook you, this might: The number one thing on that to-do list is to find a way into your home! Keep reading for some helpful…

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Watch Out for these End of Summer Insects

summer insects

It’s August, summer is winding down, and school is back in session. Where did all the time go? Despite summer nearing the end of the season, the heat isn’t going away anytime soon. And neither are summer insects.  Unfortunately, late summer weeks are the best time for bugs like cockroaches, spiders, and other insects to…

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Ways to Stay Pest-Safe this Summer

stay pest-safe this summer

The perfect formula, you ask? Summertime minus pests equals easy living! But it’s hard to have a pest-safe summer when it’s so hot and muggy, like many places in the American South. When navigating summertime, there are certain things you can do to ensure that you stay pest-safe this summer.  Continue reading to learn about…

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Summer Bug Catching: Which Bugs Are Best for Kids to Catch?

summer bug catching

For some people, often kids, summer means warm weather, no school, and flowers in full bloom! As kids go outside to play during summer break, bugs follow suit and come out to play as well. Summer bug catching is the best way to learn all about insects—their characteristics, colors, sizes, and more. This activity is…

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Pests During Summer: Why They’re Always Around

pests during summer

Have you ever thought about why you love summer so much? Perhaps it’s because of the summer storms or the fact that it stays daylight for longer. Or maybe it’s because you don’t have school, there’s more free time to play, and it’s the best opportunity for family vacations. Much like us, pests love the…

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Pest Friends! Your Guide to Lesser-Known Summer Garden Insects

summer garden insects

If you’ve been following our blog for a while now then you’re probably already acquainted with the more common and beneficial insects that may be inhabiting your garden. You know—spiders, ladybugs, bees, and more! We can’t forget, however, the lesser-known summer garden insects that you might see from time to time.  Here is a list…

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Which Pests Return in the Spring?


Many pests, including those annoying termites and spiders, come back to play once the temperatures rise. Watch out because their presence can cause destruction and havoc to your home! Here is a list of the most common pests that emerge during spring:  Ants There are two main ants to be aware of during the spring,…

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