7 Signs It’s Time for Fall in Birmingham

scenic drive through maple trees in michigan

The crisp late afternoon breeze. The summer foliage that’s all but gone. It seems that fall is setting in throughout Birmingham. If you see the signs below, you know autumn has arrived.

Arrival of the Stink Bugs

One sure sign that fall is here is the arrival of the stink bugs, also known as kudzu bugs because of the plants they eat. You’ll spot them in large groups huddled together on the sides of buildings and windows. They’re trying to keep warm in the sunlight, and if they get the chance, they’ll come inside to escape the cold.

The Monarchs Pass Through

Monarchs are migratory butterflies. Every year they travel between Canada and Mexico, chasing temperate temperatures. As they make their way down to Mexico for the winter, they usually stop in Alabama for a spell. Like the snowbirds, they’ll flock to the coast areas, but Birmingham locals will spot them during September.

Fall Festivals Every Weekend

Like many areas of the country, fall is the time for festivals in Birmingham, AL. The Tannehill Halloween Fairytale Festival has been a time-honored event for nearly a quarter of a century. Every September the FDSK German Culture Club of Birmingham also hosts the Original Birmingham Oktoberfest at Das Haus. Another festival of the fall is the annual Bare Hands Gallery Dia de los Muertos Festival. There, the entire family can commemorate theirloved ones.

Annual Fall Show at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens

You may see monarchs at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens, but the 45th Annual Fall Show is still a few weeks away. However, it’s such a big tradition you may start seeing mentions of it in September.

Webs in the Trees

Fall webworms are back in town. More specifically you’ll see the webs of fall webworm larvae in the tree branches around Birmingham. They’re fattening up for the winter by devouring the leaves of trees before they fall out.

Surge in European Starlings

Birmingham Audubon, a bird conservation group, conducts a fall bird count in Birmingham and northern Alabama each year. Their diligent work shows that some bird species are much more abundant than others once fall rolls around. Last year the most notable finding was the surge in European starlings.

European starlings were by far the most sighted bird in Birmingham and Northern Alabama during September. Birmingham Audubon’s observers spotted 2,534 European starlings. The next most common bird was the Chimney Swift with 792 sightings.

Colorful Hikes Through Oak Mountain State Park

Many Birmingham locals make the 30-minute drive south to Oak Mountain State Park during the fall. It’s work the trek to get to hike through the colorful trails. At the start of fall the dogwoods start to turn scarlet, poplars turn yellow and maple leaves become bright orange.

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