9 Natural Ways to Keep Mosquitoes Away


Warmer weather means that our least favorite spring pests will be back once again, ready to bite, sting, and swarm. Bugs like flies, bees, wasps, and the dreaded mosquito will return with a vengeance. 

If you prefer more natural solutions to shooing mosquitoes away, this is the article for you. Surprisingly, mosquitoes actually hate a lot of the stuff you have lying around in your house. Here are nine natural ways to keep mosquitoes from ruining your sunny spring days. 

#1: Carry a Dryer Sheet in Your Pocket 

Believe it or not, some insects, including mosquitoes, hate the very sheets that keep your clothes wrinkle free. Dryer sheets consist of linalool and beta-citronellol. Both of these chemicals work as mosquito repellents and are toxic to other insects like gnats. 

Keep a dryer sheet in your pocket to ward off mosquitoes, and if they’re really swarming, rub the sheet on you for added protection. 

#2: Mix a Garlic Water Spray Solution 

Turns out garlic keeps more than vampires away. Mosquitoes are known to despise garlic. Boil a peeled and crushed garlic clove for 20 minutes and put the water in a spray bottle. The next time you spot a mosquito, spray away and watch the magic happen. 

#3: Burn Incense In and Around Your Home 

The one thing mosquitoes hate more than smoke is smelly smoke. Purchase some incense that contains eucalyptus, cloves, and citronella. Burn it inside (safely) or outside your home the next time you’re outdoors, and they’ll avoid you like the plague. 

#4: Smoke Some Coffee Grounds

Sounds crazy, right? But mosquitoes hate the smell of caffeine. Take your used coffee grounds, and put them in a small bowl to dry out. Once they’re dry, singe them with a lighter. 

#5: Spray Yourself With Bath Oil

You get to knock out two birds with one stone with this solution. Spray bath oil on yourself and cover your skin. Mosquitoes won’t come near you! Who knew you could moisturize and repel pests at the same time?!

#6: Add Piñon Wood to Your Wood Stack 

Piñon wood, like incense, gives off a distinct odor which mosquitoes are not too fond of. Add piñon wood to your wood stack the next time you light up your fire pit. You’ll be able to enjoy your fireside chats mosquito free. 

#7: Apple Cider Vinegar Repellent 

Another natural spray solution that is highly effective is apple cider vinegar. Make a mixture of apple cider vinegar, citronella, and witch hazel and spray your heart out. The mosquitoes won’t stand a chance. 

#8: Anti-Mosquito Garden 

There are certain types of plants that mosquitoes despise. Catnip, peppermint, lavender, sage, rosemary, citrosum, lemon balm, and basil are all great at keeping mosquitoes away. And as an added bonus, their delightful scents are sure to spruce up your garden. 

#9: Essential Oil Spray 

If you don’t have access to a garden, and smelly smokes aren’t your thing, you can always make an essential oil spray mixture to keep mosquitoes at bay. Use oils like thyme, lavender, or peppermint in your concoction. Basically any oils that smell nice to you the mosquito will hate because they despise all things that are good. 


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