Common Spring Pests to Watch Out For

brown stink bug

It’s springtime, Alabama! The weather is warming up, and the azaleas are close to blooming. The warmer temperatures also mean that our six legged spring pest friends will be on the move once again. 

It’s time to get your spring cleaning done, and call in your local pest control service. While you’re at it, look out for these common spring pests that may already have worked their way into your home. 

Larder Beetles 

Larder beetles, like other spring pests, seek warmth to overwinter. This means that they could have found a snug hideout inside your walls to ride out the cold weather. Once spring hits, larder beetles are also known to wander inside homes looking for their next meal. They feed off of pet food, dead insects, and meat. 

Keep a larder beetle infestation at bay by sealing all of your food sources and picking up pet food. 

Brown Marmorated Stink Bug 

The brown marmorated stink bug is known by its distinctive foul odor it emits when threatened, along with it’s brown “shield” shape. These stink bugs feed off of fruits, soybeans and weeds outdoors. 

Typically, these spring pests enter homes during the colder months through cracks in windows or doors left ajar. This is why it’s so important to make sure your house is properly sealed for the winter. 

Cluster Flies 

Though they don’t pose an imminent threat to homeowners, cluster flies can be some of the most annoying spring pests. They look similar to the common house fly, but are larger and more golden. 

Typically, cluster flies enter houses through cracks in window sealings, or other, smaller entry ways. They can invade your walls and lie dormant until the weather heats up. Once it’s warm enough, they’ll become more active and can even swarm in large groups. On top of checking all of your door and window seals, putting screens in front of windows and attic vents can be extremely helpful in keeping cluster flies out of your home. 

Kudzu Bugs 

Like other spring pests, kudzu bugs tend to overwinter in warm places, like cracks and crevices around your home and become more active when the season changes. You’ll notice these smaller, brown bugs on soybean plants, kudzu, and wisteria. 

Kudzu bugs can be a problem when they enter your home. They are known to give off a foul odor and can even stain fabrics around your house. Keeping the shrubbery around your home trimmed is a great way to keep these spring pests far away. 

Got Spring Pests? 

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