Do Bugs Freeze? The Inside Scoop on Winter’s Toll on Insects


With temperatures dropping, the colder temperatures can mean the difference in life and death for many insects. While some have adapted to survive various elements, others are less evolved and cannot thrive or even survive in the cold. With the natural instinct to survive, they do everything possible for that goal to become a reality. 

So, insects find other options and opportunities to stay warm—like sneaking inside your house to live inside your walls, basements, or crawl spaces. But there are more noticeable ways that insects react—How? Keep reading: 

Till Death Do *Insects* Part

As soon as colder weather strikes, fate hits hard for many insects, and their time on earth comes to an end. While we may be happy to see insects gone, our planet needs them to keep the earth green! Furthermore, knowing that they are about to die off because of the cold, insects spend their last days preparing for spring—they lay eggs, give their larvae food, and build a shelter to try and survive. 

Migration and Hibernation

Have you ever wondered where the beautiful butterflies, dragonflies, and other insects go when it’s cold out? They usually engage in one-way migration to warmer climates (typically, south near the equator). They reproduce and send their new offspring to the north—beginning the cycle all over again. 

But what about the insects that can’t move to warm weather fast enough? Like many animals, insects go into hibernation. Diapause is a form of hibernation where insects go dormant. They go to sleep to conserve energy for when they wake up in the warmer months. 

Protect the Queen: Colony Insects Goals to Survival

For insects like bees, termites, and ants, their colony instinct is to fight off cold temperatures together as a team unit. Their goal? Protect the queen with all their might. Whether they go into nests, underground colonies, various kinds of wood, or even your house, insects don’t actually go away until spring. They relocate. 

Be Aware!

Due to their relocation process, beware of insects choosing to stay in your home for the winter. Whether they’re eating the food in your pantry or causing the wood to decay in your crawl spaces, prepare sooner rather than later to make sure your home is in tip-top shape. To combat any unwanted guests, contact us today. We would be more than happy to help you get rid of this problem. We look forward to connecting with you.