Late Winter Pests You Don’t Want as Dinner Guests

winter pests

You might see fewer pests during the winter months, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t around! There are some late winter pests you should be on the lookout for. Keep reading for more information!

Common Winter Pests

Where do pests go during the winter? While some of them migrate, many of them stay put and have their own unique way of overwintering. One particular method you should be aware of as a homeowner? Seeking shelter! Your home is a cozy and inviting place to wait out the cold weather, so be on the lookout for some of these stowaways. 

Small Mammals

Squirrels are very common pests to find in your home during the winter. You’ll most likely find them in your attic, and they can wreak havoc! They’ll chew through wires, leave droppings, and can do serious damage to wood. Unfortunately for these pests, sealing up holes isn’t enough. They’re more than happy to remain in your home for a long time!

Mice are another small mammal that will make a home out of your house. You might hear them inside your walls scurrying around. Their urine can cause allergies, especially in children, and they can bring lice, ticks, and fleas into your home. 

Also be on the lookout for rats! They carry disease, leave droppings, get into your food, and can cause fires by chewing on wires inside your walls. 

While it’s less likely to find a skunk inside your home, you’ll want to watch out for them around your yard! They like to dig up grass to find insects, which can cause a lot of damage to your lawn. Also check under porches and decks—these are prime places for skunks to breed. 


Cockroaches are among the most resilient (and most harmful) of pests. They spread at least 33 different kinds of bacteria, can cause allergies, and can even spread parasitic worms. While you might not see as many of them during the winter, rest assured that they’re around and looking for a snack. 

Ants will hang out inside your home hoping for a sugary treat! You’ll most likely find them in kitchens and around food, so be sure to keep things tidy and keep crumbs to a minimum. Ants, especially carpenter ants, are also known to burrow inside of wood in order to nest, which can cause significant damage. 

You Need Pest Control in the Winter, Too

Even if you’re seeing fewer pests, the winter months are not the time to slack on pest control. When it comes to keeping annoying or harmful pests at bay, prevention is crucial! Otherwise, you might be left with a serious infestation come spring. 

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