New Year, New Bugs? Say “No” to Insects this Winter!


With all the joys that come from starting a new year, it’s easy to forget some little things, like insects and furry creatures. After all, once the celebration settles down, everyone must jump back into reality. People often assume that during the winter months, insects disappear until it gets warm again. But that’s not the case. 

There are still plenty of insects that lurk around your home but are often hidden in your basement, walls, or crawl spaces—gross, right?! Since there are bugs everywhere, we wanted to help you out and share with you what those bugs are and what you can do to keep the situation under control. 

Secret Hiding Places for Insects?

Like humans, insects slow down and find places to hide and keep warm during the colder months. While we don’t see bugs buzzing around as frequently during this time of year due to migration and other insect survival activities, these unwanted friends are still around. Butterflies, moths, and dragonflies head closer to the border to keep warm. Other bugs like ladybugs, cockroaches, and even rodents hibernate in your home or underground. 

Other places insects hibernate include chimneys or attics, tree bark, leaf piles, and more. While most insects are harmless during the colder months, there are still risks that come from the little critters invading your home, so now is the time to schedule an appointment with us. 

Some may claim that pest control services are more important in the winter than in the summer!

Preventive Steps You Can Take

First and foremost, the easiest way to prevent insects from invading your home is to keep your house clean. They love to find any crevice to hide in—think open food containers, messy rooms with clutter everywhere, etc. Minimal mess means minimal bugs. 

Unfortunately, this solution isn’t going to eradicate the insects entirely. So be sure to pick up after yourself, close the food containers, take out the trash, and check for bugs every now and then. 

So, What’s Next?

The best solution is to have a professional sweep your home, so contact us today! By spraying your home and closing up the cracks and holes, there’s less of a chance of insect infestation. 

There are many different treatments that we can use in your home to ensure the elimination of these pests like sprays, smokes, traps, and more. So, keep a regular and consistent schedule with us to keep your home as insect and rodent-free as possible during every season of the year! 

Contact us with any questions or concerns you may have! You are our top priority.