Pest Friends! Your Guide to Lesser-Known Summer Garden Insects

summer garden insects

If you’ve been following our blog for a while now then you’re probably already acquainted with the more common and beneficial insects that may be inhabiting your garden. You know—spiders, ladybugs, bees, and more! We can’t forget, however, the lesser-known summer garden insects that you might see from time to time. 

Here is a list of insects that you should definitely be on the lookout for this season: 

#1: Praying Mantis

The praying mantis has a very large appetite! That’s beneficial for both you and your garden because it will eat just about anything that’ll fit inside its mouth. From those pesky mosquitoes and moths to something as big as a lizard or frog, the praying mantis’s stomach may never seem full. Named for its “praying” position, it’s relatively easy to spot these critters in your garden! 

#2: Green Lacewings

Given its name, the netlike wing of this insect looks similar to that of lace. Its softer and more delicate body often confuses other insects because this bug is, in fact, a predator. The green lacewing feeds on aphids, thrips, mites, and other bugs that tend to gnaw on your garden’s foliage. But, fear not, these insects don’t bite or harm humans like other insects do in the summer

#3: Braconid Wasps

When people think of wasps, it’s easy to think of the big, scary, and harmful wasps that are easily aggravated and sting. What people don’t typically think about is the braconid wasp. They do have a stinger—but these insects are more interested in feasting on caterpillars, larvae, and aphids than on people. So, you’re in luck! Having these wasps in your garden can be more beneficial than not! 

#4: Beneficial Nematode

Okay, here us out! This microscopic parasite that lives in the soil is extremely beneficial for the health of your garden. They seek out various hosts to reside in, thereby killing the host in the process. When the host dies, it becomes food for other insects and critters to feast on. 

#5: Earthworms

After a rainstorm, it’s easy to spot earthworms squirming around on the driveway or in the grass. But, did you ever know what earthworms are actually good for? They are nature’s most efficient composters! They enrich the earth by keeping moist mulch, soil, and sand well-aerated. Many gardeners call this kind of rich soil “black gold.” 

#6: Ground Beetles

These night crawlers are shiny and black! They commonly hide under logs and stones, and cling onto slugs, snails, and other hard-shelled insects—making them their hosts. Because of their nocturnal nature, they are the proctors of the night while other insects are asleep! Both adult and larval ground beetles feed on mites, snails, slugs, and more. 

The List Goes On!

There are thousands of other insects that are not commonly known as beneficial, but we hope that this small list grows your library a bit more. To learn more about other beneficial summer garden insects, head over to our website!

Additionally, if there are infestations in your garden that you’re worried have gotten out of hand, don’t hesitate to contact us, Vulcan Termite & Pest Control, before it becomes a disaster! Visit our website to learn more about our services.