Pest Precautions to Take This Fall


Just because you see fewer pests in the fall and winter doesn’t mean they aren’t around! In fact, many bugs will seek your home out for shelter once the weather starts cooling down. Make sure you have a pest control plan in place before they make a home out of your house, and make sure you’re extra protected for when summer rolls around again next year!

Things You Can Do Now

Before fall really sets in, there are several things you can do to pest-proof your home. Make sure your home is properly prepared, and that you have a pest control plan in place! 

Inspect Your Home for Entry Points

Take this opportunity to do a thorough inspection of your house. Note any large cracks or gaps in the exterior, as well as larger gaps around doors and windows. The same goes for your house’s interior—try to find any spots where pests might come in while seeking shelter in the fall and winter. Replace old or worn out weather stripping. Added bonus: this will help with your heating bill too!

Don’t Forget Your Attic!

Give your attic a thorough inspection. When the weather gets cold, your attic is the perfect new home for squirrels, mice, and other furry pests. Be sure to check your insulation as well. Some pests will chew through it—and cockroaches can even make a meal out of it! 

Be Aware

One of the best pest precautions you can take is simply noticing them and their activity. As you’re inspecting the exterior of your house, make note of any insect nests you come across. If you see any chewed wires, animal droppings, or other signs of pests in your home, be sure to tell your pest control service providers. This will help them make an accurate diagnosis, as well as come up with the most effective solution. 

Pests to Look Out for in the Fall & Winter

The pests you’ll need to look out for during the colder months are called overwintering pests. That term simply means that they survive through the winter! These are the pests that are most likely to seek out warm shelter in your home. Here are some of the most common ones:

Pest Control Services in Birmingham, AL

Now is the time to start pest-proofing your home for winter! For all of your pest needs—whether you have mice, termites, or wasps—you can trust Vulcan Termite & Pest Control to get the job done, and done well. Contact us to get started on your pest control plan today.