How to Prevent the Worst Summer Pests from Bugging You

summer pests

It seems everything’s more active in summer. Pests are no different. In summer, insects shake off their winter slumber and begin to forage for food. Not only that: Summer also signals the start of mating season for many. All this increased pest activity can wreak havoc on homeowners’ summertime peace and quiet. While summer pests can put a damper on our warm-weather plans, there are thankfully ways to help prevent them from doing so. 

Feeling Ants-y?

Ants are some of the most common summer pests we deal with. Many homeowners spot their telltale hills in and around their yard far too often. While ants don’t pose much of a threat to our health per se, they still can be the bane of a homeowner’s beautifully manicured lawn or even infiltrate the home itself. 

Late summer (typically the end of July) marks peak ant infestation season, and they can swiftly make your home into their own. Good ways to prevent them from overwhelming you includes sealing and storing food, keeping a clean house free from food scraps and leftover crumbs, and taking out the garbage routinely. Close off entry points if you spot any ant trails in your home. 

No-Fly Zone

House flies are a common household nuisance that can easily wear on your nerves. These insects are attracted to unsealed food and open beverages and quickly settle in a home. Then they mate and cause quite a buzz. Unlike ants, flies pose a health risk to homeowners: They’re known carriers and transmitters of disease, and some species do bite. 

Regularly cleaning your home helps keep house flies’ numbers down. Spray down your counters with disinfectant, regularly take out the trash, and promptly clean up foodstuff and dirty dishes. 

No Mo’ Mosquitoes

Unfortunately, summertime is prime mosquito season. Mosquitoes are a two-fold threat to us: They cause irritating bumps and redness from their jabs and can carry and transmit hazardous diseases. June is when their populations are at their height. 

To keep mosquitoes at a minimum, it’s best to eradicate potential breeding sites: standing areas of water. You can also deploy mosquito traps, citronella candles, or a mosquito misting measure to further prevent these summer pests. 

Ticked Off

Summer ticks have a nasty knack for making their way onto pets or even you. After an enjoyable, outside romp, ticks can embed themselves into the skin of an unsuspecting victim. Once there, ticks can pass on debilitating diseases, especially if left for a time. 

The best policy to keep ticks off is this. After an outdoor excursion, go over yourself or your furry friend thoroughly. For your pet, comb through their fur in search of ticks. Use a magnifying glass and a pair of tweezers to dislodge the pest entirely. For you, check your body, scalp, and back for ticks. If any are found, use tweezers—just tug straight up and out. 

Take Out Termites

Termites hole up underground to survive the cold winter months. In summer, they return to the surface in search of food. If your home is near their nest, its wood structuring could be their next preferred food source. 

Termite prevention is best when done proactively. Often, a termite infestation goes undiscovered until significant home damage is done—even with signature signs present. Professional termite invention is usually required. 

Don’t Let Summer Pests Bother You

For full prevention from summer pests, turn to the pest professionals at Vulcan Termite & Pest Control. We can help take care of all the summertime pests listed here, as well as many more. 

Your home deserves pest-free serenity. Ensure it does by scheduling an appointment with a pest specialist today. Plus, learn more about pests and what you can do about them on our blog!