Tips to Beat the Heat & Pests in Summer

swarm of gnats on a hot summer day

You probably know that you sweat when spending time in the hot summer sun—it’s your body’s natural way of cooling you down! Unfortunately, we’re not the only ones who can benefit from our sweat—mosquitoes love it.

Mosquitoes’ attraction to sweat often turns summer days of outdoor fun into several nights of trying not to scratch at their insanely itchy bites and piling on the cortisone cream. Even if you don’t mind wearing some stinky, sticky bug spray, you just might sweat it off and attract more mosquitoes. It’s a vicious cycle.

You may be asking: how can one avoid mosquitoes and other pests in summer heat while staying cool? Our pest experts have the answers you need—just keep reading!

Cool Off in the Pool

Whether you’re in the pool, a river, a lake, or the ocean, swimming in cool water is a well-known method for beating the heat. There are also two main reasons why swimming is a great way to deter pests, especially mosquitoes.

As we mentioned, mosquitoes are attracted to sweat, but in the water, your body temperature cools down significantly, reducing how much you sweat! Running water is also a deterrent to mosquitoes, so if you’re in moving water, you’re less likely to get bug bites.

Wear Antiperspirant Deodorant 

Sweating in the summer is inevitable, but if you wear deodorant—specifically, the antiperspirant kind—you’ll produce less sweat and, in turn, attract fewer mosquitoes

However, due to allergies and health warnings, many people can’t (or prefer not to) wear deodorant containing aluminum: the ingredient most commonly used as an antiperspirant. If you must wear natural deodorant without aluminum or antiperspirant properties, avoid anything too sweet or floral, which can also draw mosquitoes to you; the same goes for perfumes, soaps, and body mists!

Don’t Forget to Drink Water

Staying hydrated is always important for your health and prevents overheating, so don’t forget to drink plenty of water this summer! It may be tempting to drink sugary sodas or enjoy a cocktail on a hot summer day, but sugar, alcohol, and caffeine increase your chances of dehydration. 

Alcoholic and caffeinated beverages, specifically, can increase your body temperature, which also increases your chance of sweating (and at this point you know sweat = an invitation to  mosquitoes). And of course, you want to avoid having sugary food or drink out in the open as it will quickly attract all kinds of pests—mosquitoes, ants, bees, and more!

Overall, sticking to water is the best option for you and your family’s overall health and prevention of pests in summer time.

Learn More About Staying Cool and Preventing Pests in Summer

Other ways to prevent excess sweat include anything that cools you down, including: wearing cooling fabrics like linen or bamboo fiber garments, putting long hair into a ponytail, staying in the shade, and wearing a sun hat. It’s also wise to invest in citronella candles or torches, which can repel mosquitoes from your picnic table or pool area.

If the population of pests in summer around your home becomes unbearable, even when following the advice we’ve shared, it’s time to call the experts!

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