Ways to Stay Pest-Safe this Summer

stay pest-safe this summer

The perfect formula, you ask? Summertime minus pests equals easy living! But it’s hard to have a pest-safe summer when it’s so hot and muggy, like many places in the American South. When navigating summertime, there are certain things you can do to ensure that you stay pest-safe this summer. 

Continue reading to learn about these most common summer pests—and how to eliminate them! 


Mosquitoes ruin everything! Whether you’re enjoying coffee on the porch early in the morning or watching the sunset after dinner, you can bet your bottom dollar that mosquitoes are out and ready to bite. Did you know that mosquitoes not only bite but also carry dangerous diseases like malaria, dengue, and yellow fever?

You must be proactive in order to say “bye-bye” to mosquitoes for good. Protect yourself by wearing mosquito repellent. You can go with common brands found at the supermarket or an organic variant—like lavender, thyme, or citronella oils.  


Flies flock to all things sticky, icky, and gross, but also all things delicious like what you’re having for dinner. So that means basically everything! Flies always seem to be the guest you weren’t expecting to host. 

To discourage their presence, pick up anything they may be attracted to. From dog poop to last night’s dinner leftovers, clean up around your home—both inside and out. Additionally, you can hang a sticky piece of paper (called flypaper) in areas where flies are most commonly found in your home. These are often eco-friendly, non-toxic, and reduce chemical insecticides. 


Ticks are sneaky! They hide in overgrown shrubs, uncut grass, and even under your pet’s fur. With the tick population rising due to warmer winter temperatures and the growing population of deer and rodents, ticks aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Ticks, too, carry a large number of diseases like Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and the more common disease, Lyme. When hiking or even just being outside in tick-infested areas, it’s important to wear tick repellent spray or clothing. By tucking your pants into your socks and wearing long sleeves, you’ll be sure to be protected. 

Hornets and Wasps

You have probably seen hornet and wasp nests hidden under your porch or decks or in random woodpiles laying around your ward. If you disturb them, even by accident, these flying insects are sure to get agitated and want to sting you. There are many over-the-counter sprays and killers, like Raid, that you can spray on their nests when they are away. Unfortunately, there is still a high risk of being stung: The best and safest way to eliminate hornets and wasps may be to call a pest control service—like Vulcan Termite & Pest Control. 

Stay Pest-Safe this Summer—Call Vulcan Termite!

You’re just one call away from a (possibly) pest-free summer! Of course, we can take care of the pests listed above; however, we also have services to eliminate termites, fleas, slugs, ants, gnats, and more. 

Call us to enjoy the last couple months of summer without the thought and worry of insects and pests. Contact us or visit our website to schedule an appointment; we’re happy to come out and spray or service your home and yard.