Where Pests Hide Out During Cold Weather


Pests, bugs, insects, rodents, and more love to sneak into your home when it’s cold out to stay warm during the winter months. But have you ever wondered where they actually hide? Surprisingly, those critters are more methodological than you may originally think. So, be on the lookout for unwanted guests in your home. Curious about the specific rooms? Don’t worry—keep reading to learn more about where they camp out. 

Location 1: Bathrooms

Whether it may be a roach or any other insects, bathrooms are the perfect place for them to go. We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but bathrooms are some of the dirtiest rooms in a home. Mold, mildew, and soap scum on the bathroom floor—many kinds of fungus and moisture love to present themselves. Roaches and other insects flock to moisture, so be sure to keep your bathroom clean, dry, and mold-free to prevent any creepy crawlies from showing their faces. 

Location 2: Attics and Garages

Like most people, attics and garages are the best places to keep all the storage in your home because it’s out of the way and doesn’t ruin the comfort of your home. But, because we put all of our stuff in those places, it’s easy for dust to collect and ratty boxes to go unnoticed. Small openings mean that rats, mice, and roaches can make a home in your boxes. People may not even realize that they have made a nest in their homes. To prevent pests from going overlooked in this location, seal up any and all small openings and put lids over your storage bins. There are more preventive measures, but try those two simple ones to quickly see a decline of pests. 

Location 3: Living Rooms

With all the foot traffic that living rooms have throughout the day, you would think that there would be little to no pests that choose to make that space their winter homes, but you’d be surprised. If you eat in your living room, it’s easy to leave behind a trail of crumbs that insects would be attracted to eat. That’s why it’s so important to give your living room space a thorough cleaning regularly. Perhaps give the space a quick vacuum or sweep to reduce any chance of insects like spiders and mice making themselves present. 

Location 4: Kitchens

We are sorry to inform you that there may be more cooks in the kitchen than you might think. Ants and mice love to eat the food that you’ve prepared or stored. Be sure to seal up any bag or dish so that the smells are blocked, keeping those unwanted dinner guests unaware. Ultimately, keep your kitchen clean, dishes out of the sink, and food wrapped up tightly! 

Keep Out Uninvited Pests

We want to make sure that you are living comfortably in your home. That means being pest, insect, bug, and rodent-free. So, connect with us to ensure that your home is clean and ultimately livable. We look forward to hearing from you and kicking those unwanted guests out for good.