Which Pests Are Still Active in Autumn?


As the days start to grow shorter, you might notice some things get longer—like the spider webs in your yard! There’s a reason you see more webs and bug nests right before the cold weather sets in. Keep reading to learn more about some common pests that stay active during autumn! 


As most people’s least favorite pest, we thought we’d cover these creepy crawlies first. If you’re running into more spider webs than usual, odds are your neighborhood spiders are in mega maintenance mode! Contrary to popular belief, these spiders aren’t busy seeking shelter inside your home (phew!)—but instead just looking for mates. 


Bees actually get more aggressive during the fall months! Just like spiders, fall is when they’re extra busy preparing for the harsh winter months to come. There’s a lot to do for the queen and not a lot of time to do it in! If the bees are bugging you, be sure to call a professional to take care of them safely and responsibly. 

Stink Bugs

Unlike spiders, stink bugs actually are on the hunt for shelter during the fall months. That means they’ll try to find their way inside your home! They can also damage the plants and fruit in your yard, so be sure to have a professional team ready to keep them away. 


Throughout most of the year, ladybugs can be very helpful to your garden. They’ll defend your plants from all kinds of harmful critters! But, come fall, they’ll be looking for a little payback for all their hard work. One or two aren’t a problem, but you do not want an infestation. Because they can release a foul odor when squished, we recommend sweeping or vacuuming them up to get rid of them. 

Boxelder Bugs

You’ll see a lot more of these guys once the weather starts to cool off, but don’t worry—they’re harmless! Still, they’ll be looking for a place to survive the winter—and your home is a great candidate. Keep an eye out for them and call a professional exterminator if necessary! 

Protect Your Home with Professional Pest Control Services

When Southerners think of bugs, they typically think of spring and summer—but those bugs have to go somewhere when the weather cools off! You can trust Vulcan Termite & Pest Control to take care of any bug problem you might run into. Just give us a call