Your Guide to Getting Ready for Summer Pests

summer pests

Summer is finally upon us here in the South, which means many things—no school, fun vacations, and plenty of time spent outdoors! Unfortunately, summer in the South comes with some uninvited guests. Keep reading for some tips from the experts on dealing with summer pests.

Summer Pests to Look Out For

It’s easy to assume that summer pests are unavoidable. To a certain extent, that’s true! There’s no way to get rid of all the mosquitoes on earth, but you can take steps to keep them away from your home. Here are some of the most common summer pests you should be aware of. 

#1: Mosquitoes

Probably one of the most hated pests, these little bugs sure are annoying! They love hot weather and humidity, so the South is a perfect environment for them.

Your best bet to limit the amount of buzzing in your ears this summer is to keep standing water to a minimum. That means not overwatering your plants and turning over buckets, toys, or other things that can hold water, and ensuring that your yard has proper drainage.

If your windows or doors have screens, give them a once-over to ensure there are no holes or tears that summer pests could get through. 

#2: Ants

Where there’s one ant, there are probably hundreds behind it! When searching for food, ants leave pheromones behind to alert the rest of their colony that they’ve found some. 

You’ll want to keep your kitchen completely free of crumbs and debris. That includes sticky spills! Ants especially love sugar, so keep sweet treats in airtight containers.

#3: Roaches

These pests might give mosquitoes a run for their money in the running for being the bugs people hate most. They’re big, scary, and sometimes they fly! Limiting the moisture inside your home is crucial to keep these guys out of your house this summer.

You’ll also want to keep plants around your house trimmed back. If you have mulch or decorative stones around your property, keep their thickness under three inches. Keep things tidy and air-conditioned inside all summer long!

Having Trouble with Summer Pests?

Sometimes you can do everything right and still have unwanted pests. The truth is: some things are just out of your control! 

Having a pest problem does not automatically mean that your house is dirty or that you aren’t doing enough. For persistent pest problems (which are pretty common in the South), it’s best to call the professionals.

Contact Vulcan Termite & Pest Control today to ensure a pest-free summer for your family!