Small Rodents in Birmingham, AL

Mice and rats are a big problem once they get inside a home or building. Small rodents not only transmit diseases, they can damage air ducts, insulation and wiring, which is a serious fire hazard. The presence of rodents can also lead to flea problems inside the home that can affect people and pets.

We take a multi-level approach with our mouse control services.

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A highly qualified mouse exterminator will begin by conducting a complete home inspection of both the indoor and outdoor areas.


During the inspection your exterminator will identify what type of rodent is present, the extent of the infestation and areas where rodents are gaining access into the home or building.


Once the problems have been identified, our exterminator will decide on the best removal process. Because rodents are so adaptable, we use a custom approach that often utilizes numerous removal methods.


Our exterminators also provide guidance on how to prevent further problems by eliminating and sealing access points.



What is the best way to get rid of mice and rats?

Mice and rat control requires a multi-pronged approach that includes getting rid of the rodents and eliminating their ability to gain access. Mice control is no easy process because rodents are extremely intelligent and adaptable. Often mouse and rat removal will require the use of repellents, traps and poisons simultaneously.

When do you need to call an exterminator for mice?

Mice and rats can be very difficult to get rid of once they get into your home. They also breed very rapidly, which is why it’s best to call an exterminator when you first notice a problem. Inspecting infested areas and removing dead rats can be a rather unappealing process that requires knowledge of their behaviors and tendencies. A rodent exterminator knows how to safely and effectively control a mice infestation to minimize the risk of health problems and property damage.

Is mouse poison the best way to eliminate rodents?

When you have mice in a house poison is one of the first options that come to mind. Poison can be very effective, however, there are downsides to using this method. Well-fed rodents may not take the bait. Poison can also pose a threat to people and pets if they come in contact with the product. Pets can be poisoned if they bite or eat a rodent that has consumed the product.

Another consideration is poison alone won’t necessarily eliminate the problem. The best way to eliminate rodents is to use a variety of removal methods. You have to also plug up any access points in the structure or more rodents will replace the ones you’ve killed.

What if mouse poison and traps are not working?

While using poison for pest control mice may take the bait and die, but new rodents can also find their way inside. This will make it seem as if the poison and traps aren’t working when they actually are. If this is the case you need to address how rodents are entering the home and how those access points can be sealed.

Our small rodent control service includes both removal of mice and rats that are already in the house and identifying entry points. We help property owners seal up the entries so the problem doesn’t persist.