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Fun Summer Night Activities to Do as a Family

family cooking an evening bbq

Virtually everyone wants more time to be with their family. Thankfully, summer break provides an ideal time for children and parents to have fun together and connect. Need some ideas to take advantage of warm summer nights? Read on for fun summer night activities that the whole family can enjoy! Go Firefly Catching at Night…

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Bug Wild: Pest-Themed Summer Activities for Kids

Pest-Themed Summer Activities for Kids

If you have a Mason jar, a net, and proximity to any six-legged creepy crawly, you’re in luck! There are many pest-themed summer activities for kids of all ages to enjoy this summer. Not only are these pest-themed crafts a fun way to keep your children entertained: They also allow them to hone their motor…

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Helpful Bugs to Get Your Kids Buzzing About

helpful bugs

Why is it that grownups inherit such a phobia for bugs and insects over time? Children are often fascinated by these little critters—perhaps due to sheer infatuation and curiosity. While they are still in their malleable years, children present the opportune chance to be taught about the helpful bugs in (and around) your backyard or…

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