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What Are the Different Types of Alabama Ants?

ants crawling on indoor tiles

Ants are tiny yet mighty creatures that live in complex, productive eusocial colonies. There’s no shortage of ants here in Alabama, where 55+ species are found, and entomologists have recorded seeing more than 150 different species overall. All types of Alabama ants can be considered pests, and there are three main ways they can cause…

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What Attracts Ants to Take Over Your Kitchen

ants crawling up spoon of sugar in the kitchen

  You probably thought the ants swarming in your kitchen would eventually disappear after summer ended, but now that it’s almost Halloween, you might feel worried to see ants still milling around. Although ants living outside do have a period of dormant overwintering, an infestation of ants already existing inside your warm, dry home—with all…

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How Do Ant Colonies Work?

close up of ants crawling on dirt

Whether you’re dealing with an ant infestation in your home or on your lawn—or you’re simply observing ants on the hunt for food—you might have wondered at some point: how do ant colonies work? Like humans, ants are social creatures; they live and work together in large, family-like communities called colonies, and each individual ant…

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