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Are Bats a Type of Pest?

a common brown bat being held in a hand

  Bats—in all their leathery-winged, fuzzy-faced glory—are staples of Halloween lore and decor, much like spiders. It’s easy to see why bats are associated with spooky, creepy Halloween tales, due to their almost ghoulish or goblin-like appearance, nocturnal habits, and one particular species even having a taste for mammal blood. Many people also (misguidedly) believe…

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Plain Batty: Topsy-Turvy Bat Facts

bat facts

It’s no secret that bats get a bad rap—they’re creatures of the night, after all. But did you know that bats play a huge part in our ecosystem? Not only are they actually pretty cute, but they pollinate our favorite fruits, eat annoying insects, and more. In fact, the last week in October is actually…

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