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How to Avoid Being Spooked by Pests During Fall

pests during fall

Contrary to popular belief, fall is a very active time for most pests! Preparing for winter puts a lot of tasks on their to-do lists. And while that might not spook you, this might: The number one thing on that to-do list is to find a way into your home! Keep reading for some helpful…

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How Left-Out Pumpkins & Food Attracts Pests

food attracts pests

Fall and winter are seasons we normally don’t associate with bugs and pests, but pest prevention (especially during the fall) is of the utmost importance! Even though there’s a nip in the air, you should still be taking steps to keep bugs and pests away from your family. Keep reading for more info! It’s No…

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Pests During Autumn: How They Like to Behave

pests during autumn

Just like with anything in the natural world, the seasons affect pests and the way they like to behave. Knowing what to expect from pests during autumn is the best defense against them! Keep reading for some more information on how some of the most common bugs’ behavior will change as the weather starts to…

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Which Pests Are Still Active in Autumn?


As the days start to grow shorter, you might notice some things get longer—like the spider webs in your yard! There’s a reason you see more webs and bug nests right before the cold weather sets in. Keep reading to learn more about some common pests that stay active during autumn!  Spiders As most people’s…

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Pest Precautions to Take This Fall


Just because you see fewer pests in the fall and winter doesn’t mean they aren’t around! In fact, many bugs will seek your home out for shelter once the weather starts cooling down. Make sure you have a pest control plan in place before they make a home out of your house, and make sure…

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