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Do Frogs Eat Their Own Skin?…& Other Crazy Things Pests Do

green frogs sitting together in water

Frogs and toads are fascinating creatures with unique habits and adaptations. One of their intriguing behaviors is that they do in fact eat their own skin! You might be wondering, “why do frogs eat their own skin?!” Keep reading to learn more about the reasons behind this peculiar behavior, as well as some other interesting…

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Ways Landscapers Can Go About Enticing Pollinating Insects

pollinating insects

We all know how important our pollinating insects are, and most of us know how their numbers have been dwindling in recent years. Bees, butterflies, pollinating beetles, and more—they need our help to continue their important work! Keep reading for ways to help by making conscious choices this spring. How to Attract Pollinating Insects to…

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Are Ladybugs Good for Your Garden?


Have you ever wondered why so many people say ladybugs are good luck? We were curious too and took the liberty of doing a little research so that you didn’t have to!  Story Time Long ago—during the Middle Ages to be exact—insects and pests were completely destroying crops. The farmers prayed and prayed and prayed…

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