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Your Guide to Getting Ready for Summer Pests

summer pests

Summer is finally upon us here in the South, which means many things—no school, fun vacations, and plenty of time spent outdoors! Unfortunately, summer in the South comes with some uninvited guests. Keep reading for some tips from the experts on dealing with summer pests. Summer Pests to Look Out For It’s easy to assume…

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What Are Clover Mites & What Do They Look Like?

clover mites

We talk a lot about pests that could be potentially harmful to you—after all, your family’s safety is our priority! Today, however, we’re going to be talking about a pest that’s more of a nuisance: clover mites. These pesky little pests are almost impossible to see, can invade your home this time of year, and…

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How Can I Rid My Home of Booklice?


While booklice are technically harmless, that doesn’t mean you want them taking up residence in your home. If you’ve noticed these small, gray-brown bugs skulking about, keep reading for some expert tips on how to get rid of them. What Are Booklice? Despite what their name implies, booklice aren’t actually lice—and they can’t read! They’re…

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Seasonal Pest Control: Tips to Prepare for Spring

seasonal pest control

It’s hard to believe, but spring is almost here! That means you’ll start seeing more bugs around. Some of them will be returning from warmer climates, but a lot of them were in your home and yard all along. Those bugs that waited out the winter around your home will start to wake up, thaw…

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Natural Pest Control? How Winter Helps Eradicate Pests

natural pest control

Wintertime in the South brings more than just holiday cheer and cooler temperatures—it also brings a break from the many bugs we encounter during the warmer months (and can even act as a natural pest control)! But what actually happens to these bugs? They don’t simply disappear. Keep reading to learn more about where bugs…

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Easy New Year’s Resolutions for a Pest-Free Home

pest-free home

It’s that wonderful time of year where everyone feels like they get a fresh start—it’s the New Year! It’s a time where people everywhere pledge to be better about this and that and, even though some won’t follow through, their hearts are in the right place.  Whether you want to start flossing, go skydiving, or…

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What You Can Do about Pets and Pests

pets and pests

Pets are adorable and fun, but they play such a unique role in the family. We love and care for them, but our dogs and cats can often be the most significant contributors to our pest problems.  Pets and pests share a distinct (and somewhat gross) relationship—from fleas and ticks attaching to your pet’s skin,…

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