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Pests Most Likely to Go After Your Halloween Candy

Halloween candy on table and in pumpkin bucket

  Halloween is almost here, and a good scare is customary (encouraged, even) this time of year. Many who celebrate enjoy getting spooked by scary movies and haunted houses. However, having your home “haunted” by unwanted guests—not ghosts, but rather, vermin or other pests—is not so fun, especially when they raid your stash of trick-or-treating…

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What to Do About Summer Bugs In Your Home

person cleaning the kitchen sink

There are many reasons to love living in Alabama’s warm weather, but dealing with summer bugs in the house in August? That’s not one of them. Unfortunately, Alabama’s extended periods of humid, stagnant heat make this state a place where pests love to be as long as possible since most are cold-blooded and find warm,…

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Spring Cleaning Tips for a Pest-Free Home

pest-free home

Spring is almost in full swing! Get ready for the lovely sound of birds chirping and bees buzzing, along with the smell of freshly cut grass and blooming flowers. What’s not to love?!  Additionally, spring cleaning is underway to “dust away” the winter blues. There are many benefits of spring cleaning, like preventing household insects…

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