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Do Mice Hibernate in Winter?

mouse hibernating in burrow

Alabama winters are unpredictable. Some years, our “winters” are warm enough to wear shorts outside on Christmas Day. Others are so cold that many resort to their own version of “hibernating” on the weekends. In today’s blog, our pest control experts provide valuable advice and solutions for mice, one of the most common pests found…

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Winter Is Coming. These Pests Could Be Too.


We are sorry to be the bearers of bad news and inform you that even when the warm weather fades into cold and dark days, pests still make appearances in and around your home. While they may not be flying around outside, they certainly are invading your home by making it their home, too.  Many…

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Do You Need Pest Control During the Winter?

pest control

Let’s start out by painting a picture to set the stage about the benefits of pest control during the winter. It’s snowing, the air is crisp, and your family has just spent the afternoon playing in the snow, making snowmen and snow angels. The dinner bell rang. You all run inside the warm house to…

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