Termite Control in Birmingham, AL

Don’t let termites cause destruction on your property – get them gone quickly with professional termite pest control.

If you’re looking for the best termite company in Central Alabama you’ve found it. Vulcan’s Termite Division has over 120 years of combined experience providing commercial and home termite treatment.

Our staff works diligently to provide inspections and necessary reports in a timely manner so the stress of buying or selling your home is minimized.

Schedule your FREE termite inspection today! One of our termite exterminators can evaluate the situation and suggest the best treatment method.


Pre-construction Termite Treatment

Call us prior to construction or during early construction so we can perform preventive services around your property.

Soil Treatment or Remedial Services

Subterranean termites overwinter in the ground, creating nests in the soil. Our soil treatment is designed to eradicate termites before they move into a structure.

Termite Contracts

We offer repair and/or retreatment contracts for qualifying homes. This allows us to provide the most extensive coverage possible.
Real Estate Inspection Letters or Wood Infestation Reports (WDO)



How can I tell if I have termites?

Termites will leave telltale signs behind when they are active. The most obvious is termite swarms. These usually occur in the spring when termites are mating. Swarms also indicate that termites are looking for a new place to establish a colony.

Other common signs that suggest you have termites include:

  • Termite wings
  • Mud tubes
  • Termite droppings (frass) that look like saw dust with insect body parts
  • Wood damage – buckling wood, the appearance of water damage, tiny holes
  • Live termites in and around the property

If you are unsure whether or not termites are on your property it’s best to contact an exterminator. You can call Vulcan to schedule a free termite inspection if your property is located in Central Alabama. Unlike some termite control companies, we don’t charge a dime unless you want to move forward with a termite control service.

How do you treat termites and are there different treatment options?

We begin by conducting a thorough termite inspection. A termite inspector will assess the situation to decide the best course of action. Termite treatment in Birmingham, AL will largely depend on how extensive the infestation is and whether subterranean or drywood termites are present.

The exterminator will customize the termite treatment to address the problem head on as efficiently as possible. There are two primary treatment options: termite baits and liquid termicides. Each has their own advantages. Baits are typically more desirable because less pesticide has to be used. Soil treatment may also be needed if termites are discovered in the yard. It’s not uncommon for a combination of termite treatments to be used to fully address the problem.

Spot treatments are possible, however they offer less assurance that all the termites will be killed or removed. For termites in Birmingham we typically recommend a whole treatment to ensure the entire colony is eliminated.

Can you prevent termite infestations?

There’s no way to guarantee a termite infestation won’t occur in the future, but we can significantly reduce the odds of that happening with regular pest control treatments. Pest control treatments can identify issues before they become a serious problem. For example, if we discover a stump in your yard is infested with drywood termites treatment can be performed to remove them before they reach your home or business.

Will termite treatment eradicate them permanently?

When it comes to termites treatment isn’t a permanent fix. Our termite service will eradicate an existing problem, but future infestations could still occur. That’s why we help property owners identify underlying problems such as water damage that attracts termites.

In areas like Birmingham termites are a real concern. Property owners that don’t receive regular monthly pest control have to diligent about checking around the structure and property for termite activity.