Earn a Badge on Girl Scout Day by Getting Down to Nature

Girl Scouts

Today is Girl Scout Day! If you were ever a Daisy, Brownie, Girl Scout or the parent of one, you’re familiar with the patches that adorn their uniforms. They are small symbols of what a scout has learned and mastered through hard work. We’re giving these gals a nod by taking a look at various badges that relate to pest control, pest prevention and insects in general.


Brownie Naturalist – Bugs Badge

This one is all about the bugs! Brownies that earn this badge have learned there’s a lot more to creepy-crawly critters than meets the eye. Through field trips, exploration and crafts, Brownies discover how helpful bugs are to our ecosystems.


Brownie Outdoor Hiker Badge

Getting out and enjoying nature during a hike is an adventure that puts Brownies in the path of buggies. To earn this badge girls plan a hike then hit the trails, identifying animals and insects along the way.


Brownie First Aid Badge

Insects have been known to bite and sting, but Brownies that earn their First Aid Badge are on their way to learning how to treat and prevent these injuries during outdoor activities.


Brownie Household Elf Badge

Brownies that earn this badge have discovered how to conserve energy at home, as well as how to keep spaces green and clean. The last part is essential to keeping bugs from moving in.


Junior Girl Scout Camper Badge

Now that Brownies have graduated to being a Girl Scout, it’s time to spend a night in the great outdoors. The Camper Badge is meant to bring the girls closer to nature, including the bugs that call it home.


Junior Girl Scouts Gardener Badge

Getting your hands dirty in garden soil can be really rewarding. Girl Scouts that earn the Gardener Badge learn how to select plants, get experience with seeds and start their own garden. Along the way they are sure to learn about how bugs can help or harm garden plants.


Junior Girl Scout Naturalist Flower Badge

While learning all about the science of flowers, scouts will discover the part that insects play in pollination.


Junior, Cadette, Senior and Ambassador Girl Scout First Aid Badges

Each of these first aid badges builds up a Girl Scout’s knowledge of how to render first aid for a number of injuries, including insect-related accidents.


Cadette Girl Scout Trailblazing Badge

Outdoor adventure is taken to a new level with the Trailblazing Badge. Scouts will study nature, participate in a trail trek and stay at least one night at a primitive site.


Cadette Girl Scout Woodworker Badge

Learning do-it-yourself skills by working with wood is the perfect opportunity for Girl Scouts to discover which insects will eat up a project and how to prevent it from happening.


Cadette Girl Scout Night Owl Badge

A nighttime field trip helps Girl Scouts gain a better understanding of nocturnal nature. As they use senses other than sight, scouts will quickly realize how active insects can be at night, making all sorts of chirps and noises.


At Vulcan Termite and Pest Control, we’re proud to support the young ladies that are taking a closer look at how insects play into our everyday lives. Maybe, just maybe, one day they’ll work with bugs on a daily basis.


Image Source: flickr.com/photos/4hermans

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