Fun Summer Night Activities to Do as a Family

family cooking an evening bbq

Virtually everyone wants more time to be with their family. Thankfully, summer break provides an ideal time for children and parents to have fun together and connect. Need some ideas to take advantage of warm summer nights? Read on for fun summer night activities that the whole family can enjoy!

Go Firefly Catching at Night

We don’t believe that all bugs are burdensome pests! Unlike mosquitoes, wasps, and many other bugs that take over in the summer, fireflies are friendly, non-harmful little guys, and admiring their phosphorescence is wonderous for all ages. 

Fireflies only get to glow for a short time, as the adult life span of a firefly only lasts around three to four weeks, so if you catch a firefly be gentle then let it fly away. What’s extra awesome about catching fireflies is that you can do it almost anywhere in the United States during warm, summer evenings.

Enjoy a Barbecue in the Evening

Whether you prefer grilling out just for family or enjoy entertaining the whole neighborhood, outdoor barbecues are a pleasant way to relax, eat well, and be social on a summer evening. Everyone of all ages gets to enjoy sweet, smoky cuisine; adults get to kick back and kids can play in the yard.

Just remember that whenever you’re dining alfresco style in the summer, the smell of your dishes may attract some unwanted guests: pests. 

To prevent bugs from ruining your fun summer night activities on the patio or in the backyard, be sure to cover containers when you’re not serving food, throw out or put away used cutlery and cleared-off dishes, and wipe up any spills. Another way to deter pests is by lighting some citronella torches or camping candles, which tend to ward off mosquitoes

Look for Constellations in the Night Sky

Stargazing is among the most fulfilling, relaxing, and fun summer night activities. The stars are a beautiful sight, and you can teach your children about astronomy. Plenty of online resources are available where you can learn to recognize different constellations, so you’re able to point them out to your little onlookers.

If you enjoy storytelling, centuries worth of rich history is connected to the constellations, developed from ancient mythologies and retold for generations. If you’re interested in the scientific side of celestial exploration, the observations of scholarly astronomers worldwide are available at your fingertips online or at the library.

Unfortunately, light pollution can often obstruct your view of shining celestial bodies and constellations, so the best environments for stargazing won’t be in the middle of a city or a well-lit suburb. However, you can sometimes still see a few stars in these areas, especially later at night.

Other Fun Summer Night Activities

There are plenty of other exciting, family-friendly things to enjoy on a summer night. Here are just a few more fun summer night activities you can do:

  • Camping (in the backyard, a campsite, in the forest, etc.)
  • Bonfires
  • Night swimming (with appropriate supervision and safety rules for kids)
  • A hike with flashlights
  • Flashlight tag

We hope this list of fun summer night activities inspires you to connect with your family this summer!

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