Prevent Bugs from Messing Up Your March Madness Fun

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It’s time once again for basketball fans and sports fanatics to gear up for March Madness. The action is well underway with the South and West Regionals taking to the court tomorrow. Now that it’s warming up outside we’re sure that the playoff festivities will happen both indoors and outdoors, which is an invitation for insects to join the party.

Want to keep them from crashing your college basketball bracket predictions? Then add these tips to your party playbook.


Tips for Keeping Bugs Away from Your March Madness Party

Tip #1 – Make it known that the door should stay closed. Put a note on the doors that gently reminds guests to close the door behind them. This is especially important when the sun goes down and bugs are congregating around the exterior lighting.

Tip #2 – Provide guests with bug repellent. This not only helps keep the bugs at bay when guests are outside, it will also prevent them from hitching a ride inside.

Tip #3 – Use bug repellent candles with caution. Bug repellent candles will help keep mosquitoes and other bugs from buzzing around your party, but be careful where you place them. Put candles far away from walkways where they could get knocked over and make sure they are anchored securely.

Tip #4 – Before guests come over, spruce up your yard to discourage bugs from hanging around. Cut the grass, clear out woodpiles and clean up any standing water.

Tips #5 – Decorate with bug repellent plants. Put marigolds and rosemary around indoor and outdoor party areas as a natural way to keep insects from coming around where they aren’t invited. Garlic and lemons are also natural bug repellents that can be used decoratively around the patio and house.

Tip #6 – Keep things as clean as possible. Plates of food and cups of beverages are a magnet for flies, ants, bees and more. Put trash cans with lids both outside and inside so it’s easy for guests to throw garbage away. Also take the trash out as soon as it gets full so it doesn’t overflow.

Tip #7 – Keep grill food well-contained. Instead of leaving buns, relish, cheese and other grilling condiments out in the open, keep a cooler by the cookout area and put everything inside where insects won’t see or smell it.

Tip #8 – Put fans outside of the exits/entrances. If you’ve ever walked into a store and felt the burst of air as you pass through the doors then you’re familiar with this trick. Not only will a fan prevent bugs from getting through the door, it will also help guests keep cool.

Tip #9 – Sprinkle cornstarch around your patio. Cornstarch is an ant repellent. They hate it so much they won’t cross the powder no matter how many delicious party favors are on the other side.

Tip #10 – Get a professional pest treatment before the party. If you’re due for the pest control company to come by, schedule for them to make their rounds before the party so you head off any insect issues in advance.


If you live in the Pelham, Alabama area and would like to set up pest control service before your March Madness get-together, give Vulcan Termite and Pest Control a call.

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