Own a Restaurant – Pest Control Tips

Every so often, Vulcan Termite and Pest Control, Inc. opens the morning paper and find that the State’s Health Department has published a list of eateries that haven’t passed the smell test. In other words, the restaurant gets fined for untidy working conditions, rat and mice leftovers, roaches or other critters running rampant in the kitchen or amongst the consuming consumers.

What Can Owners Do?

There are four proactive steps the owner can take to eliminate the embarrassment and loss of its customer base:

  • Obviously keeping your kitchen and eating area as clean as a hospital’s surgery room tops the list. Places to focus upon are kitchen equipment, all trash bins, the sinks and the floors. They need to be scrubbed clean before the staff leaves for the night. Leave any of these areas inside unchecked and you’re cruisin’ for a brusin’ from the Man.
  • Perform a thorough inspection of every nook-and-cranny on the property. You want to know where the pests live, how they crawl around from one-place-to-another. By having this knowledge it will tell you where you need to place any pesticides. Since you have a frantic schedule, probably best to call Vulcan Termite and Pest Control, Inc. to do the gig. We’ll handle the detective work — finding stuff like feces, live pests, egg cases and cast skins. Pests leave behind more clues than the stupidest criminals. Not only will we ferret out the evidence, but we are experts on exactly which type of poison and traps to use.
  • Put some glue boards right around areas where you think the pests are entering or have already set-up homes. That way, after we do our stuff, you can monitor any future invasions.
  • Keep ’em out before they even come indoors. Install weather seals around windows and doors. Plug any openings that lead from the outside to the inside. If you throw open the windows occasionally, screen them.

The Big Three

If you’ve owned a restaurant for any length of time, you know the trinity of pests that are troublemakers. Rodents, roaches and flies. There may be other monsters in your particular establishment. That’s why you should bring-in a pro like Vulcan Termite and Pest Control, Inc. We know the drill. Consider that this is not a one-shot deal. That’s why it would be wise to buddy-up with us for periodic maintenance. You’re a restaurant owner. Gets pretty hectic in the kitchen. Last thing you want to become is an amateur pestologist.

Due Diligence Outside, Too

Keeping grass clipped, chopping away at any tree limbs or shrubbery near the surface does wonders to keep problems where they belong. Outside the restaurant.

Honestly, anything that touches your stand-alone building needs to be pared-back. Again, your goal (and ours, too) is to keep your name out of the news. That is, unless you do something real good, like donate food to a local homeless shelter. Charity pays off.

It’s always better to have a reputation for performing deeds that no one can challenge. People won’t stay away from your 4-star eatery for doing good things to the community at large.

Original Source: https://www.vulcantermite.com/education-and-prevention/own-a-restaurant-pest-control-tips

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