Cobweb Spiders: Are They Good to Have Around the House?

Just like it sounds, a cobweb spider is a web-building spider that can often be found in nooks and crannies around the house. Of course, it may be frustrating to try to keep your house clean day after day when cobweb spiders are building webs in cabinets, underneath counter tops, and in the corner of every room.

But before you call an exterminator, consider the fact that having a cobweb spider or two around the house may not be all bad.

Why Are Cobweb Spiders Beneficial?

Yes, believe it or not, most Birmingham pest control companies consider cobweb spiders to be beneficial to humans. The reason being is because they eat mosquitoes, flies, and other small household creatures that can easily pose a nuisance in the four walls of your home.

Although there are some exceptions to the rule, cobweb spiders are generally accepted inside of a home as a natural means of pest control. However, in Kentucky, cobweb spiders may release venom that could cause a reaction after a human is bitten; a black widow is also considered to be a cobweb spider with a very dangerous bite.

After you have consulted an exterminator to determine if cobweb spiders in your house are harmless, it helps to consider these advantages of allowing cobweb spiders to live in your home:

  • Spiders feed exclusively on other insects, which helps to manage pests at home.
  • Spiders can prevent the spread of disease. As spiders control insects in your house, they can help to kill bugs that often spread bacteria and disease, like roaches.
  • Spider venom can prevent brain damage. Though you’re unlikely to use this natural remedy unless you’re a doctor, neurological experts have confirmed that spider venom can be used to prevent brain damage when undergoing a stroke.


Given the fact that cobweb spiders are found throughout the United States with more than 200 species in the country, it may be time to make peace with these little critters in your house. If you have seen a few cobweb spiders here and there, they can help to support a regular pest control schedule to eat small bugs like ants, roaches, flies, and mosquitoes.

At any sign of a more serious spider infestation, or for questions about a spider species in your house, take the time to consult the professionals by contacting an exterminator. A pest control company will be able to tell you if you have a dangerous spider problem on your hands and can deal with the root of the issue for you.