Make Sure You Keep These Spring Pests Out of Your Garden

spring pests

It’s that time of year again when homeowners head outside and set out for another year of battle with their yard and garden. Before you get to planting, you should know a few bugs to be on the lookout for. Certain spring pests are known to be detrimental to a garden’s success. 


Grasshoppers are known to swarm domestic gardens and leave nothing behind. They feed off plants’ leaves and buds, chomping down on stems and flowers. Not all hope is lost, however. Grasshoppers hate flowers like alyssum, marigolds, and daisies, and these can act as natural deterrents when added to a garden. If these natural spring pest repellent plants don’t do the trick, consider adding plant covers to protect your garden. 


On top of being utterly repulsive to the human eye, slugs are detestable for their omnivore appetites as well. They’ll eat through young shoots and not think twice about it. These spring pests are especially drawn to asparagus, spring bulbs, hostas, lettuce, and a host of other flowers and plants. Keep slugs away by using slug and snail bait in your garden. 

Rose Slugs

These slugs are not even slugs, but sawfly larvae. Just as disgusting as they sound, rose slugs are known to eat their way through rose bush leaves for nearly the entire year. Spray your roses with spinosad for a natural repellent that’s toxic to insects. 


These are Noctuidae in their larva-stage and they may as well be called the most heartless of the spring pests. Cutworms eat away at plants in the soil and will cut down young sprouts in their primes.To avoid a cutworm-induced massacre, surround your stems in diatomaceous earth which will act as a defensive wall, keeping these voracious creatures at bay.

Flea Beetles 

These tiny spring pests have an affinity for cabbage, turnips, peppers, tomatoes, melons, spinach and a host of other common garden plants. They munch irregular holes through leaves and are sure to ruin any healthy plant’s chances at a fruitful life. Yellow sticky traps are an effective preventative method for flea beetles and help stop them before they repopulate and spread. 

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