DIY Tips to Stop Bugs in Their Tracks During Winter Months


You’ve heard it said by us before, but when the temperature drops, you aren’t the only one that wants to get inside to stay warm. Other creatures like bugs and pests love to get all cozy in your home, too. 

To keep the unwanted guests away from tracking into the comfort of your home this winter, follow these DIY tips to stop bugs for good: 

#1: Window Screens

Create an extra barrier between the inside of your home and the bugs. Consider installing a 20-mesh (or finer) screen over all your windows. Thisstep will ensure that insects and bugs stay outside indefinitely.

#2: Seal Doors, Fix Cracks, and Caulk Holes

Bugs, insects, and rodents can weasel their way into your home by crawling through the smallest of cracks—even mice can squeeze into a hole the size of a dime or smaller! So, go ahead and caulk all the gaps, cracks, and holes that may be in your home. 

#3: Yard Work

Whether you need to trim your trees, clean up your yard, or prune the fruit trees outside of your home, doing these chores will eliminate insects and bugs from gathering around your home. These unwanted guests can make a home virtually anywhere, so getting on top of cutting those options down will help you tremendously. 

#4: Take Off Your Shoes

This one may be controversial because some people wear shoes in their homes while others don’t. But we recommend that you get your shoes or boots off the floor. Perhaps consider using a shoe rack or a plastic bin right outside your door or in your garage. 

#5: Store Firewood Outside

While firewood can add to the aesthetic of a home, it can also be a camp for bugs and pests, especially when it’s cold outside. Inspect any wood before bringing it inside to double-check that you aren’t bringing any creepy, crawling insects into your home. 

#6: Reduce Moisture

Lastly, if your home has a moisture problem from a leak or a wet basement, call a professional to fix that issue sooner than later. Put simply, moisture attracts insects. So the less moisture you have, the fewer insects will come into your home. 

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