Free Steps You Can Take to Avoid Pests


Pests seem to be everywhere at times—and an infestation can be costly to manage. Oftentimes, prevention is better than treating an active infestation. If you have ever wondered if there are any free or natural ways to ensure that your home is pest-free, here are a few tips and tricks you can use. 

Cleaning the Kitchen

Keeping your home free of pests often starts in the kitchen. There are a few different kinds of problems that can cause pests to make a home in your kitchen. From pests encroaching into available food sources to those who strike at just one spill or left-out container, your kitchen is a haven for pests—if not controlled. 

By remembering to add these steps to your daily routine, you can help ensure that your kitchen stays pest-free: 

  • Wipe down countertops and clean spills. Most pests are opportunistic: Ants, gnats, and cockroaches will come in to feed on food scraps and crumbs. 
  • Discard trash immediately. Trash attracts pests and other vermin; by keeping waste away from your home, you can prevent maggots, flies, and bigger vermin like rats. Remember to never skip trash day!
  • Keep your kitchen sink clean and dry when not in use. Areas that are damp, dirty, or hold moisture are ideal breeding grounds for pests. By ensuring your food disposal and sink is not full of dirt and food scraps, you can avoid attracting additional pests.
  • Clean your kitchen cupboards out thoroughly and regularly. Pests such as cockroaches hide in the back of closets and dark areas. They come out at night to feed and/or breed. A monthly clean-out of your kitchen cabinets can help you avoid infestations from forming and settling in. 
  • Remove all utensils from kitchen drawers regularly and clean each one thoroughly. 
  • Move your refrigerator and clean underneath and on top of it—at least once a month or two. 
  • Seal cracks in walls and windows, and ensure that you have door sweeps installed under doors to prevent entry.

Most pests can be avoided with regular cleaning and decluttering. Light cleaning and deeper monthly cleans can help keep nests cleared away before they can take over your property. 

Bathroom Pests

Silverfish, drain flies, cockroaches, and spiders are some of the top insects found in bathrooms. You can avoid them if you add a few simple steps to your daily or weekly routine. 

  • Remove excess moisture. If you can, air out your bathroom after a hot shower or open a window.
  • Ensure all cracks are fixed and sealed. 
  • Well-maintained plumbing can help you prevent a breeding ground for bugs or insects. 
  • Cleaning your bathroom regularly can help you remove any potential food sources. 

Insects and pests will seek out dark places to live and breed in; they will actively seek places to hide. When cleaning, move furniture around and away from walls to clean behind it.  

What About Other Rooms? 

Pests often infest other rooms in a home as well, whether it’s termites in wooden furniture or silverfish in closets. There are a few ways to avoid infestations—without spending large sums of money. 

Add these steps to your regular cleaning routine:

  • Deep clean closets. Try not to leave cluttered closets uncleaned for long periods of time. 
  • Vacuum carpets regularly.
  • Clean any food spills quickly. Try not to leave unwashed dishes in your office or bedroom. 
  • Empty any office bins regularly to avoid flies and other pests that scavenge for scraps. 

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