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What Thanksgiving Dish Would Pests Most Enjoy?

mouse crawling on a metal pot filled with fall foods

As we’re counting down the days to Thanksgiving, we’re looking forward to the feasts and quality time we’re soon to share with family and friends. Still, as experts in pest control, we can’t help but think how the savory dishes at Thanksgiving dinner could attract unwanted pests into the home.  The idea of Thanksgiving pests…

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Pests Most Likely to Go After Your Halloween Candy

Halloween candy on table and in pumpkin bucket

  Halloween is almost here, and a good scare is customary (encouraged, even) this time of year. Many who celebrate enjoy getting spooked by scary movies and haunted houses. However, having your home “haunted” by unwanted guests—not ghosts, but rather, vermin or other pests—is not so fun, especially when they raid your stash of trick-or-treating…

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What Attracts Ants to Take Over Your Kitchen

ants crawling up spoon of sugar in the kitchen

  You probably thought the ants swarming in your kitchen would eventually disappear after summer ended, but now that it’s almost Halloween, you might feel worried to see ants still milling around. Although ants living outside do have a period of dormant overwintering, an infestation of ants already existing inside your warm, dry home—with all…

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Free Steps You Can Take to Avoid Pests


Pests seem to be everywhere at times—and an infestation can be costly to manage. Oftentimes, prevention is better than treating an active infestation. If you have ever wondered if there are any free or natural ways to ensure that your home is pest-free, here are a few tips and tricks you can use.  Cleaning the…

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