Protecting Your Home from Common Spring Pests

spring pests

Spring is just around the corner––a time of new blooms, rain, plant growth, and of course, cleaning. This new, warm season is also a host to many pests, including ants, termites, stinging insects, spiders, and rodents. As the temperatures warm up, these creatures crawl out of their crevices and find solitude inside of your house. The presence of spring pests can be a serious nuisance, and can even bring mayhem to your home. This is why spring pest control is very important––for both your home and your sanity. 

Now is the perfect time to make sure your home is free of pests before Alabama’s summer months sneak up on you! Here are a few pests you might encounter in the spring.


Even though ants can be found in basically any season, carpenter ants make their grand debut in the spring when they come out to forage for new locations. Carpenter ants are known for causing structural damage in your home because they build their colonies inside of walls. If you have a carpenter ant infestation, you may hear rustling coming from inside of your walls. You may also notice wood shavings near wooden objects within your home. 

Another type of ant, pavement ants, are found outside in the soil—but might make their way into your home in search of food. These ants build large colonies that do not disappear unless you use intensive treatment. 

To keep your home free of ants, make sure you always clear your countertops of food scraps, keep food in your fridge or in tightly sealed containers, and always put food away when you’re done with it. 

Stinging Insects

When the weather warms up, you may notice a few bees or wasps that may have stayed in your wall voids or attics during the winter. Once bees and wasps wake up from their long winter naps, they’ll be in search of a place where they can lay their eggs and establish their colonies—you don’t want that happening in your home. Make sure you treat any areas where you find bees or wasps so that they will not be able to create a colony. 

Be careful when handling bees; bees are a vital part of our ecosystem, so be sure you have a professional them. 


Let’s face it; most people hate the idea that a spider is living in their home. As creepy as they seem, spiders serve an important role in our ecosystem by controlling insect population. Spiders are usually found in basements, garages, porches, and other dark, sheltered places. 

Most spiders pose no threat, and even take care of other insects that are found around your home. Still, some spiders in Alabama are poisonous, so always pay attention to any spiders that you see—especially if you have small children. 


Houseflies are annoying household pests. Every time you open a door, it seems one finds a way inside of your home. The best way to prevent a housefly from coming inside is to make sure you keep your doors and windows closed, or at least screened in. 


We love our pets, but sometimes they bring in unwelcome guests like fleas. To prevent a flea infestation this spring, you must take care of family pets by giving them their regular bath and flea treatments. 


Rodent problems are not exclusive to spring––they can be an all-year nuisance. To stop rats and mice from entering your home, you need to search out and block any possible entry points. Areas such as ill-fitting doors, roof gaps, vents, and pipes are all easy access points for a rodent to come into your home. Make sure that you get rid of any food scraps that are laying around, and always have your trash can covered. 

Spring is here, and so are spring pests. If you have a pest problem, let the experts at Vulcan Termite & Pest Control handle it. Contact us for more information.