Flea Bomb Not Working? Here’s When You Know You Need an Exterminator


Fleas are one of the most difficult pests to get rid of. Their small size, combined with their hyper-reproductive nature, make an infestation one big headache for homeowners. 

While there are some at-home remedies, like flea bombs, you can try to rid your home of the pests, they aren’t always effective. It’s highly likely that you will need professional help to eliminate all of the fleas in and around your home. 

Fleas 101

First things first: you have to know what a flea looks like in order to spot an infestation. Fleas are typically a darker, red-brown color with a small body and flat head. Their life cycle is around 100 days, and they produce around 500 eggs over the course of that time. Infestations start when a four-legged pet brings in fleas from outside. Once they’re inside, they start laying those eggs, compounding your problem quickly. 

At-Home Remedies and Their Shortcomings 

There are a plethora of at-home remedies available to get rid of fleas. Unfortunately, they’re largely ineffective. Homeowners turn to these DIY exterminator remedies in an attempt to save time and money when, in actuality, because of their ineffectiveness, they tend to become more expensive and take more time than an exterminator. 

When & Why You Should Call An Exterminator 

If you think you have an infestation, you should consult with a professional— here’s why. 

Exterminators offer the safest and most effective infestation treatments. At-home remedies can contain dangerous toxins and chemicals you shouldn’t handle carelessly. Exterminators will get the job done safely and right the first time. 

An experienced exterminator will also be able to stop an infestation at its source— your yard. You’ll need someone who knows how to spot a likely flea home around your yard and not stop at just getting the inside of your home flea-free. 

While they may cost more up front, professional exterminators will save you more money in the long run in protecting your home. Because of their lack of reliability, DIY product costs can add up quickly without giving you the results you need. 

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