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Do You Need Pest Control During the Winter?

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Let’s start out by painting a picture to set the stage about the benefits of pest control during the winter. It’s snowing, the air is crisp, and your family has just spent the afternoon playing in the snow, making snowmen and snow angels. The dinner bell rang. You all run inside the warm house to…

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Why Proper Pest Control Matters

pest control

There’s at least one thing almost all Southerners can agree upon when it comes to summer: The bugs aren’t fun! And while some people might think bugs just come with the territory, there are things you can do to keep them away. You can try bug spray, tiki torches, and essential oils—but the best way…

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Snuffing Out Stink Bugs in Your Home

stink bugs

Got a stink bug problem? Getting rid of stink bugs is a lot easier than you might think. These smelly critters are problematic for some people with springtime gardens. Although they’re not typically found indoors, it is severely unpleasant when they make their presence known. Here is how you can clear the stink bugs out…

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Termite Treatment: How Much Does It Typically Run?

termite treatment

Termites can be an expensive pest to control; once an infection has taken control of your property, the cost can ramp up the longer it’s left untreated. Plus, the cost of termite treatment is not the only factor to consider: Repair of damaged timber in severe cases can run up a hefty sum.  Contributing Factors…

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How to Keep Cockroaches Out of Your Apartment


Your apartment is a safe space, a haven to get away from the day and whatever took place. It’s where you wind down, relax, and rest your body and mind. Simply put, it’s where you live. However, it can also become home to free-riding roommates in the form of roaches. The close quarters of apartments…

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Are You Unintentionally Inviting Bugs into Your Home?


Nobody wants bugs roaming free in their home. Not only does it leave you with a creepy-crawly feeling: It can even be hazardous to you and your family’s health. Roaches, not to mention rodents, can sully household surfaces and get into food. Flies can congregate around open food sources and trash, causing a nuisance and…

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DIY Fruit Fly Traps: What Works Best?

fruit fly traps

Fruit flies make our ripened fruity delights less than appealing. If you’ve spilled a fruit-flavored drink and forgot to clean it up—or left some overly ripe fruit out too long—you’ve probably come across these fluttering annoyances. The good news? There are some quick and easy DIY fruit fly traps you can deploy around your home…

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What Kind of Mouse Is In Your House?

kind of mouse

Mice. Some see them as pests, others as pets. But one thing’s for sure, no matter your preference: finding a mouse in your home uninvited isn’t a fun sight to see. And for a good reason. Field mice can contaminate your food, cause disease, and wreak havoc on your home. Different mice species can make…

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Easy, Natural Ways to Keep Flies Away This Summer

keep flies away

Summer brings with it warm, bright afternoons outside and cozy dinner-time cookouts. However, summer also seems to bring out the bugs, especially those ever-returning flies. Leave out even one hot dog frank—and you’ve got a horde of flies hovering on, around, and over you. Swish them away, and they’re likely back for a return trip…

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