Bugs That Are Actually Good for Your Garden

bugs that are good for your garden

Would you believe us if we said not all bugs are bad? No really, it’s true! In fact, there are bugs that are good for your garden. Yes, you heard us right—some of those busy bugs who buzz about are actually doing your backyard and garden some favors. We’d say reintroductions are in order, wouldn’t you? 

The Bugs That Are Good for Your Garden

Take your typical backyard and you’ll likely find thousands of different insects thriving in it. And most of those buggy residents are either helpful or don’t make much of a difference. Only about one-tenth of the insects in a backyard actually harm what’s going on back there. The rest make for beneficial bugs or neutral neighbors. 


Lovely in name and appearance, ladybugs aren’t just in your garden for their good looks: They’re actually helping keep down the no-good bug population. Ladybugs are fierce predators in their own right, and make their way around your backyard’s flora, feasting on aphids. 


They may seem spooky at first glance, but spiders are actually super handy to have around. While technically arachnids, we’ll include spiders on this list because of their close association with insects—and their prevalence in your home’s backyard and garden. Spiders seek out prey based on movement, which means many live insects make good munchies. Wolf and jumping spiders excel especially at reducing pests’ presence in your garden. 

Praying Mantises

When praying mantises show up, pests best start to pray! These predators prey and feed on many insects that wreak havoc on your garden, including flies, moths, and beetles. However, these guys don’t discriminate. They’ll also go after some of your backyard helpers: bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, and their own kind!

Ground Beetles

These warriors of the backyard floor devour an array of pesky pests—caterpillars, thrips, weevils, slugs, silverfish, and nematodes, to name a few. They’re a natural way to keep your garden clear of bugs that would bite into your garden’s beauty. However, watch out for Japanese beetles. This type of beetle is not as beneficial as its brethren, and should be controlled. 


You might not be as familiar with hoverflies as the others on our list, but they are also among the bugs that are good for your garden. These flies resemble miniature yellowjackets—but thankfully without the painful stringer! Hoverflies are what’s known as pollinators, and they help do exactly that. Their main source of food is pollen and nectar, which makes them good transporters for backyard pollination. Plus, their larvae have another good use: They’re avid predators, and take out caterpillars, beetles, thrips, and aphids by drinking their juices.

In Need of Some Garden Defense?

You can count many insect species among the bugs that are good for your garden. We bet there are more than a few thriving in your backyard and garden right now. Keep attracting these good bugs by diversifying your garden with beautiful, and beneficial, flora. For the not-so-good bugs and other pests, there’s Vulcan Termite & Pest Control. Contact us for full-service pest control that keeps your home and its surroundings worry and pest free.