Pest Signs to Look for During Your Spring Cleaning

Woman Standing In Kitchen Emptying Waste Bin

Spring cleaning – it’s one of the domestic necessities that ushers in the new season. It’s when the winter clothing, gear, and heavy blankets get tucked away, and we throw open the windows to let the fresh air in.

As you get in all the nooks and crannies, you may have noticed a few things that you don’t remember seeing in the past. It looks like bugs may have lived out the winter in your home. Before spring officially begins, you could already have an insect or termite infestation.

How do you know if pests are already a problem? Look for these signs while you do your spring cleaning.

Dead Insects and/or Body Parts

Even though insects are protected from the elements they won’t all make it through the winter. If you see dead insects, that doesn’t mean the problem is taken care of – it could mean there are a lot more hiding where you can’t see them. This is usually the case if you find large groupings of dead insects or if they are in multiple areas of the house.


Insects get rid of waste like humans, and this is one of the most common signs that they’re inside your home. If you do find droppings and urine, let the pest control professionals handle it instead of trying to clean it up yourself. Droppings can transmit viruses if they aren’t disposed of properly.

Frass and Sawdust

When wood-boring insects get inside your home, the first thing they do is start carving out channels. This will leave behind a trail of sawdust or what’s known as frass. This is essentially droppings from termites that are outside of the tunnels.

Cracks, Peeling Paint, and Bubbling on the Walls

Another indicator of wood-boring insects is damage on the wall. If you see cracks, bubbling, or peeling paint that’s a sign there are insects living beneath the surface.


Insects don’t just live in your home. They also mate and lay eggs in your home. You may come across small, white eggs while you do your spring cleaning in dry areas of the home. Preferred spots for larvae are in the backs of cupboards, in the carpet, and under furniture.

Chew Spots and Holes

Some insects don’t bore through wood, but they will chew through other things. Moth larvae have been know to put holes in carpet and clothes, slugs will eat greenery, rodents can chew holes through just about anything, including wires. Cockroaches along with other insects will gnaw on food that’s not in airtight containers.

Insect Swarms

Once the weather warms up, bugs that have been hiding out in your home will become more active. This is the time when homeowners are most likely to see swarming indoors, especially if ladybugs or termites are inside the home.

Have you seen any of these signs around your home this spring? Then give the pest experts at Vulcan Termite and Pest Control a call! We can give your home a thorough inspection and create a custom pest control plan that addresses the current issues while preventing future problems.