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Where Do Termites Go During the Winter?

  During the winter, homeowners feel like they can relax a little and not worry so much about a destructive termite infestation, even in the buggy southeastern states. But is it a false sense of security? Can termites still invade your home in the dead of the winter? Not all insects die off or go into…

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Pest Gazette: Spring 2014

Bottle Flies If you notice a brilliantly-colored, metallic looking fly buzzing around your home, you probably have bottle flies, a common type of large fly known for their metallic blue or green color. Despite their beautiful – well for a fly at least – appearance, these are not the kind of insects you want to…

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How to Keep Insects Under Control During Your Spring Cleaning

When you’re sweeping through your house on a spring cleaning kick, you could actually add to the problem instead of making it better. All that activity makes it easy to wake up the bugs that have been in hiding during winter. Want to make sure you keep those critters under control while you clean? Then…

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